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Scandinavian Furniture And Its Place In Design Understanding

Scandinavian furniture is for those who are overwhelmed by the chaos of the metropolis to direct themselves to a peaceful life in calmness. Well, have you ever wondered why Scandinavian lines, the trend furniture style of recent years, are preferred among all the furniture and styles? Scandinavian furniture, about which some saying that the coldness of the North is reflected in the style and color of the furniture, some finding the designs cold and some saying that it has simple or incomprehensible lines, has in fact a style that will never be overshadowed no matter how it is interpreted in its own field.

In today’s world where every phenomenon, every situation, communication and even emotions are complex; there are certain elements of Scandinavian furniture design, which has made a place for itself with its simplicity and is strong enough not to leave this place to other styles. In our solid material furniture that we use in our products produced with the Scandinavian furniture style, we attach importance to using completely natural materials in order to limit heavy metals that cannot be excreted after entering the body, especially after the tests. For the prevention of conditions such as memory loss, developmental problems in children, cancer, etc. that accessories containing heavy metals can cause; our solid wood materials, which are prepared from spruce, linden, beech, fir, pine, hornbeam and ash wood as we prefer; are not only help you to live a healthy life, but also offer ease of use in daily life. Considering the aspects that shape this design in general, you will see that the most distinctive feature is these being in cold, pastel tones. In Scandinavian style furniture, it is impossible not to notice the perfect unity of light pastel colors of the color scale with the tones in the cold category. Scandinavian furniture which is far from complexity, exaggeration, ostentation, shortly from vulgar lines and colors; quite modern, contemporary, useful, functional and appealing to a wider audience day by day as a style with ergonomic lines; provides the modern decoration you are looking for in your home with main products such as tables, armchairs, dining sets, coffee tables, lighting accessories.

Minimalist Touches to Scandinavian Furniture Style

Another factor that makes this style, which does not include any unnecessary details, is popular today is that the traditional style has left itself to an outdated understanding and that it starts to look cheesy with its exaggerated dimensions. Scandinavian furniture that allows you to save your style; which does not match with the furniture designed with eye-catching colors, foils, ornaments and complex ugly fabrics; from being bound to these designs, offers the opportunity to use all the furniture you want in your home without occupying space in small rooms, with its minimalist design furniture feature. Scandinavian style, which offers the advantage of keeping your dining table and armchairs together in your small living room without taking up space from your living space, prevents you from having difficulties in keeping up with the changing direction of architecture.

If you want to capture the most beautiful state of wood and its perfect harmony with your home and if you have the thought of providing this with special designs for you; As Tartan Design, we can prepare the extraordinary beauty of minimalist lines with Scandinavian furniture design, considering your special wishes and needs. For more information about our products, you can visit our store, where “design meets natural materials”, and take a pleasant stroll on our website.