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How Should Furniture Be Care And Clean?

Our belongings that we buy with pleasure thanks to their special design and modern lines, will start to get dirty during the use process and lose their original appearance depending on this situation. In order to prevent such unwanted situations, you can have furniture that looks as beautiful and clean as the first day by learning about furniture care and cleaning.

Things to consider in furniture care:

First of all, you need to know the wood feature of your furniture. As long as you know what kind of material it is designed with, you can both provide conditions that the wood will not be damaged in the environment where it is used, and you will make more careful touches during individual usage times. For example, if you have furniture designed with solid wood you should not keep it in both very humid and very sunny locations. For surface cleaning, you should not choose too dry or too wet cloth. Clean the materials used in the legs and feet of furniture such as coffee tables, chairs, tables after the information you have obtained by consulting our Tartan Design team.

Cleaning of Solid Wood Furniture That Provides Air Circulation

You can choose special wood cleaning solutions, which you can easily find in many markets today, for cleaning. In this regard, you should make sure that you do not leave a damp surface and that the surface remains absolutely dry after cleaning.

You should pay attention to the fact that your hot and cold drink glasses do not come into direct contact with the coffee table or table surface, and for this reason, you should use a drip mat and an under plate (American service) for the dishes.

Special washing machines can be used for cleaning sofas and chairs using fabric. By preparing natural cleaning materials at home with pure and clean water, you can wipe them weekly without being harsh on your fabrics. In this way, you will clean the invisible bacteria that live on the fabric surface.

Solid wood structure is a material that prevents the reproduction of living things such as fungi, bacteria and insects by preserving up to 50% moisture in terms of its feature. On the other hand, the massif provides air circulation that minimizes respiratory problems and helps you control not only the cleanliness on the furniture surface, but also the cleanliness in the air.