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Modern Massive Wood Furniture

Also in today’s furniture designs, we see the nugget of truth of the sentence “The only thing that does not change is change” which reveals its rightful share every time, even if it may seem like an outdated saying from the past to the present. Throughout the ages that we describe as the history of humanity from the Middle Ages to the present, it is possible to distinguish the culture of each period from the items used. Today, we offer you the comfort of getting rid of the hustle and bustle of city life with modern solid wood furniture with Tartan Design quality.

With our expert design team, we dominate the minimalist lines in the solid furniture we design using completely natural materials. We also produce our furniture; which takes up less space, has a simpler, functional, ergonomic, modern look with a piece of Retro air; with a completely special design, taking into account your wishes and needs.

We provide a harmonious look by combining the Scandinavian style, designed using the veneer obtained by the tree being cut from its raw form and left it to dry or solid wood with pure and solid material without being filled, with fabrics in pastel tones; we offer you in the category of modern solid wood furniture in our showroom store.

The Privilege of Using Modern Solid Wood Furniture

Dining room sets, TV units, designed with solid wood which is a natural and pure material, living room sets, coffee tables, buffets, etageres, desks, vanity tables and solid wood furniture types that have taken their place in many other areas; are balmy for you living space with its light-colored and natural nature and give you the opportunity to use more space in your home with its minimal lines.

Thanks to the drying process in the preparation stage of solid wood, all harmful situations such as decay, abrasion, fungal rot and insect formation in time are prevented since the water in the tree is dried. Thanks to all these precautions, as long as the care and cleaning instructions of the products are followed, you will enjoy the indescribable pleasure of living your life with your long-lasting belongings. As Tartan Design, we want you to have a share in your happiness and offer the most special in your choice of modern solid wood furniture.